PROPHECY OF ZACHARIAH 9:9-10, ABOUT PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAWS VISITING TEMPLE IN JERUSALM MOUNTING ON AN ASS. There was an important event mentioned in Gospels about Jesus entering Jerusalem riding an Ass. Christian link this event to the prophecy of Zachariah 9:9-10, and it looks this prophecy deliberately entered in Gospels to look this prophecy is […]


Part – VII There is an important prophecy in Daniel (Old Testament) about the time period of Prophet Muhammad to come. Wherever there is mention of Prophet Muhammad in the Bible, he referred to as “Prince”, even Jesus also claimed him prince in John 14 to 17. In Daniel 9: 24-27, the exact time period […]

Part III – Prophecy about Prophet Muhammad in New Testament

The prophecy from chapters in John 14 to 16 is an important prophecy, the belief of Christians totally depend on it, if you understand it properly, then you are successful otherwise you will be a biggest loser. How come such an important prophecy is missing from the other gospels? did only John listen to it […]

Prophecies form Old Testament by name Muhammad: Part – V

Prophecies form Old Testament by name Muhammad: Song of Songs or Kings is the book of Solomon, and is in Hebrew. If you listen carefully how the last verse pronounces, you will not fail to recognize he is nothing but Muhammad SAWS. Mahamadim = Mahamad + im, name + Plural of respect. The meaning of […]

The Prophecies from the Bible

How can you believe Church fathers and priest in understanding Gospel when they contradict Jesus! Part – I The Prophecies: There are prophecies in Old Testament without which Christianity does not exist. The prophecies from Old Testament refers to Christ, No prophesies no Jesus, no Christianity. It is a must for a Christian to accept […]

Birth of Mary and Jesus mentioned in Quran

Birth of Mary in Quran: The following verses are from Muslims holy book Quran word by word and Translation into English by Yusuf Ali. Note: *The story starts from Mary’s mother in Quran, ‘woman of Imran’ Note: *The “people of the book” is the title given to Jews and Christians, or who received revelations from […]

Standard in Theology

The Standards  Definition of Standard We make the standards to do work perfectly and accurately. Then would not God had made his own standards? Yes, God’s Standards are the books and his messengers who carry the books to the common people. We make and use Standards in our daily life as a rule or principle […]

Comparison between Islam, Jesus and Paul

Comparison between Islam, Jesus and Paul  Are Muslim follow a different religion from others and following alien religion?  No not at all. Muslim follow the same religion which Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Jesus and Muhammad which all the prophets followed, but Muslim follow their religion strictly as all the prophets warned to follow […]

Creed Of Islam

The Creed of Islam is given to us here in a nutshell from Holy Qur’ân: Say: “We believe in Allah, And the revelation given to us, And to Abraham, Isma’il, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, And that given to Moses and Jesus And that given to (all) Prophets from their Lord: We make no difference […]

Who Built Kaaba

Who built Kaaba? Abraham AS. built Kaaba with his son Ishmael AS. as directed by God. It was a three dimensional figure. And containing nothing inside. And also he hated the statues, there was nothing inside, it was the Central direction for worship of God What pagan did with Kaaba: As the time passed, and […]

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